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Connect & Collaborate From Any Device...

Anytime, Anywhere...

Barriers Disappear, Productivity Rises, Revenues Grow

Simple, Seamless, User Defined...

Together, Let's Build Your "Virtual Work Experience"


   BHS Telecom, Inc. Kansas City

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Secure Network Equipment

Routers, Switches, & Wireless Access Points

Seamless Collaboration on Any Device


A model for the products we at BHS offer, I am the Classic Road Warrior working in Outside Sales and Service using an IMAC at the Desk, an IPhone on the Road, and an IPad at the Customer Site.
No matter where I am, our Clients need Information Immediately...  Responsiveness=Satisfied Customers
Using Avaya IP Office we Help our Clients Faster, Build Relationships by Staying Connected, and Increase Productivity by Accessing Information Anytime, Anywhere over All Devices.  We would like to Learn more about Your Business and how we can Help You.  Contact us for Consultation.
                                                  Lisa Bradley-Amendola
                                                  Founder, CEO
                                                  BHS Telecom, Inc.
BHS Telecom Lisa Mortenson
BHS Telecom Avaya Business Partner
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